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I’ve compiled a partial list of the bloggers who were able to be at Blog Out Loud last night. Please let me know if I’ve left you off this list, I would love to add anyone and everyone who was there. If I’ve made a mistake in your name or blog name, just let me know, I’d be happy to change it.

I’ve also made a Twitter List of attendees, again, please let me know if I omitted your tag. A lot of people missed the sign-in list and I want to include everyone!

Lastly, I’ve uploaded the fantastic photographer slide show that Dani made to YouTube where everyone can now view it. Enjoy!

Blog Out Loud 2011 Attendees:

Alicia Fagan of I Found My Feet
Allison of Bibliomama
Amanda Jetté (The Maven) of Stay-At-Home Mayhem
Annie of PhD in Parenting
Andrea Ross of We Can Rebuild Her
Barbara Dundas of Tales Of Life With A Girl On The Go
Brie McManus of Capital Mom
Carolyn Brown of Carolyn Brown
Chantal McEvoy of Two Hands Full
Claire of FoodiePrints
Colette of Colette2008
Coreen Tyers of One Day This Blog Will Have a Snazzy Nam
Dani Donders of Postcards from the Mothership
Don of FoodiePrints
Donna Mandeville of Kindred Crafters
FameThrowa of FameThrowa’s Wayward Ruminations
Finola Francis of Finola’s Blog
Grace of Mothermind
Jenn of FoodiePrints
Jenn Bennett of 1qtnewf
Jennifer Pennock of Martinis for Breakfast
Jes Lacasse of Your Sweet Bippy
Jesse Hildebrand of JBH Photography
Joanne Lauzon of JoeGirl
Julie Harrison of Coffee With Julie
Julie LeClair of Thoughts Of a Smothermother
Kaitlin Wainwright of Heartful Mouthful
Karen Raymond of Mean Old Mommy
Karen Reyburn of Virtually There
Karen Wilson of Karen’s Chronicles
Kerry Colpitts of Overcoming Gymnausea
Krista Gray-Donald of Life in the Hutch
Lana Stewart of Apron Strings
Lara Wellman of
Laura Kotick of The Mindful Merchant
Laurie Kingston of Not Just About Cancer
Lynn of Turtlehead
Mar Warrender of Miercoles
Maranda Carvell of Momicon
Nadine Thornhill of Adorkable Thespian
Nat Hanson of From Nat’s Brain
Pam Wainwright of Easily Amused
Pamela Stewart of Word on the Beach
Patti Murphy of Still Breathing
Pauline of Brightest Blue
Rebecca Stanisic of A Little Bit of Momsense
Ron Hay of MegaPixel Travel
Ross Brown of The Brown Knowser
Sara McConnell of My Points Of View
Sasha of Rambles and Ramblings
Scott Kobewka of
Shannon Berkls of A Crafty Mom
Susan Ovington of Little Miss Neat
Tamara Manning of Flavoured Echoes
Tanya Snook of Spydergrrl on the Web
Vicky B. of Some Kind Of Mom


  1. Wow, what a wonderful group of bloggers! Congrats for getting them together!

  2. Another Wainwright? That never happens. I wish someone had introduced us!

  3. Lots of fun. Thanks to DaniGirl for the invite.

  4. Hi, Lynn – congrats on the 3rd annual BOLO! A huge success by all accounts. Thanks for the beautiful posts here, with pix and comments and links for those of us who had to miss out on the actual event. Great job!

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