Come and Hear…Andrea Ross of We Can Rebuild Her

Andrea of We Can Rebuild Her will probably hate it that I call her an inspiration. But there’s no doubt that her cheerful, determined, and upbeat attitude towards being diagnosed with cancer is something we can all admire. Despite having no known risk factors, she doesn’t indulge in wallowing; instead, her blog has always been a place of hope and positive thinking.

Andrea’s story isn’t all sunshine. She’s honest about her fears and doubts. She fights for cancer awareness and shares her sadness that there’s still no sure-fire cure. But above all, her smile reigns supreme; Andrea assures us that it is possible to be, unbelievably, happy after diagnosis.

Her determination to “survive and thrive” is addictive, and dare I say it – inspiring. Come be inspired by Andrea in person at Blog Out Loud.


  1. I’m looking forward to hearing Andrea speak! Inspirational, indeed :)


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