Come and Hear…Patti Murphy of Still Breathing

Patti is a writer. Sure, she makes her living writing technical stuff, but her blog, Still Breathing, is pure poetry. With a unique turn of phrase she can perfectly capture a mood, an event, a place.

That’s not to say that her blog is stuffy. There’s both joy and sadness in Patti’s life, but no matter what happens, her sense of humour and humility are intact. She’s the kind of snarky friend who you want to narrate your life – she’ll put everything into perspective, give you some sensible advice, and leave you in stitches on the floor at the same time.

Patti’s world is a great place to visit – she’s open about sharing her own life, and at the same time, has an uncanny ability to put her finger on deeper truths that resonate. Come learn something about Patti and about yourself at Blog Out Loud.


  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Actually, I want you to narrate my life. You make me sound awesome when I’m in fact quite snarly and self involved :)

    Looking forward to the event and I’ve started stocking up on Xanax for my nerves!

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