Come and Hear…Kim Samsin of Kimperative

Kim’s words are pictures. She can evoke the image of a smell, a taste, the fragment of a memory, with just a few sparkling phrases. On her blog, Kimperative, she creates complete little works of art that effortlessly capture emotion, stories about her own life that feel universal.

Kim loves people. The affectionate way she talks about friends and family reveal her fascination with human nature, and her generosity towards everyone she meets. You get the feeling that she really knows the people in her life, and knows herself as well. Despite adversity in her life, her optimistic spirit and confidence infuse her writing.

Most of all, Kim is a storyteller. She will hold you enthralled with her tales of seemingly small moments filled with big feelings. She’ll be sharing one of her many stories at Blog Out Loud.


  1. Can’t wait to hear and meet Kim! And you’re absolutely right, her writing is evocative.

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