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Come and Hear…Jordan Danger of Girl, Crafted

Girl, CraftedJordan is a work in progress. She’s still figuring things out, and on her blog, Girl, Crafted, she shares her thoughtful, bold, and adventurous explorations of what is means to really live life to the fullest. Sometimes she hits upon a smashing success; sometimes she fails; but always, she learns and shares and remains enthusiastic about going to new places and trying new things.

She’s always got a project on the go, and her blog is just as much about sharing recipes, crafts, and reviews of cool events and places around town, as it is about sharing parts of herself. You’ll find yourself quickly tapped in to a DIY world where you’ll feel inspired to create, grow, and get out and about in Ottawa – or at least, to do it vicariously through Jordan.

She’s not shy at all about sharing her rough spots, too – her ongoing struggles with anxiety, her efforts to figure out who she wants to be and how she wants to get there. She’s totally open about her geek-girl status, even starting a second blog where proud female fans of comic books, fantasy, and sci-fi can share their stories and even get together on occasion. Her personal posts are moving and insightful, and all are illustrated with her warm, funny, fantastic sketches that bring her words to life.

Jordan’s energy and spunk are definitely worth getting to know. Come and see for yourself at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Janet Lalonde of Cartoon-Coloured Glasses

Cartoon-Coloured GlassesJanet has a real knack for turning the tragic into comic. As a mom to two young boys, she uses her blog, Cartoon-Coloured Glasses, to spin tales of those tough parenting moments into sheer comedy gold. She shares charming tales of those moments we can all relate to – times when you struggled to get everyone to just look at the camera at the same time for a family photo; times when your two-year-old came to you with urgent questions about how bees make honey, right in the middle of your important conference call; times when your older son “helps” the baby get some peaceful nap time by slamming the nursery door shut.

Instead of heaving a big sigh (as would be quite understandable), Janet manages to find the funny in every situation – and then, she draws it out. Every blog post is adorned with her sweet sketches of herself, her boys, and her husband, all caught out in the most delightful of been-there happenings. She manages, often in a single frame, to embody those moments that we know we’ll laugh at later – and then make them funny right now. Art, words, and a wonderful sense of humour all come together to bring a smile to the face of everyone who has had to deal with a small child.

Janet actually manages to make you believe that these young parent years really are the best of your life. Those crazy parenting days become magical memories, as Janet shows us that we’re really all in this together.

What kind of charming moments will Janet find for us this year? See for yourself at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Laurie Kingston of Not Just About Cancer

Not Just About CancerLaurie is a seeker. Her life right now is devoted to the thoughtful search for health, both mental and physical, for herself and for her family. After being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer several years ago, she found the strength to write about it with humour and compassion. But her blog, Not Just About Cancer, is well-titled – it’s about more than just dealing with a single crisis. Instead, it’s about learning to live in the present, to be mindful of the world around you, and to deal with the emotional fallout of such a huge event in your life.

Happily, Laurie has managed to move past the original cancer scare, but she’s still experimenting with clean living. Her life now is a journey – one step at a time towards feeling whole, and towards finding her way into the future, whatever it may hold. She writes about fresh approaches to eating, learning to live with her son’s food allergies, and her forward progress to eliminating her lifelong anxiety. But always, her struggles are hopeful, full of positive thinking, sensible plans, and uplifting words that will have you feeling like she’s gonna find a way to make it all happen.

It’s not always an easy life, but Laurie manages to inspire confidence that spring is just around the corner – that we can all look forward to new life, sunshine, and a fresh perspective. And on top of reading about her ongoing pilgrimage on her blog, you can catch up on her original course of treatment in her book, Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer.

Laurie has a little bit of peace, a little bit of hope, to offer us all. Come help yourself to some at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Tanya Snook of

Spydergrrl.comWhen it comes to social media, technology, coding, and general geekiness, Spydergrrl is your go-to expert. Tanya’s online alter-ego is a Twitter queen with thousands of followers, a Facebook guru with a growing tech-loving community, and a well-respected public speaker and advocate for UX design. But her blog is the heart of her internet presence, the place to go five days a week for all kinds of geeky goodness.

On any given day of the week, you’re going to find something fascinating, something mind blowing, and something elegantly beautiful on her blog. Maybe it will be an amazing new tech product looking for kickstarter funding. Maybe it will be a YouTube video explaining the secrets of time that will have you thinking about things in a whole new light. Maybe it will be a fabulous LEGO construction – something she’s eager to share with her son, a budding tech-lover himself. The tech world isn’t just a cold, digital place of steel and plastic; it’s a living, growing thing that is expanding the edges of our world and the borders of our thoughts, and Tanya is right there on the cutting edge to lead the way.

She’s passionate about her local community, too. She’s the energetic social media force behind Barrhaven’s Canada Day celebrations, she’s a founding member of the Movember movement in town, and she’s an organizer and speaker for Ottawa’s UXCamp. She’s also been one of the biggest local promoters of Code for Kids, a great way to introduce your kids to computers, design, and tech.

Tanya’s got some really smart thoughts on how technology affects us all. Come hear how it might affect you at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Jen and Luc of Me Woman You Man/Me Man You Woman

Me Woman You ManJen’s blog is called Me Woman You Man. Luc’s blog is called Me Man You Woman. When a topic comes up that this married couple just can’t agree on, they take it to the internet – with Jen blogging her half of the story, while Luc gets to tell his side, too. Together, they present a he said/she said picture that will have you laughing, pondering, and nodding in agreement – but with which side?

Originally undertaken as a hobby they could pursue together, it’s impressive how their two blogs have grown to showcase their unique writing styles. Both Jen and Luc have delightful senses of humour, and they know that while their differences might never be resolved, they’re something to celebrate, something that makes them who they are. With two kids at home, Jen has plenty to say about being a mom and finding the right balance in life; meanwhile, Luc’s ideas on parenthood might not be exactly the same, but bring a fresh perspective to their family and their children. They like different books, different movies, and different TV shows – but it’s clear that when it comes to the important things, they make it work. Above all their little disparities, there’s love, family, kindness, and a commemoration of all that makes every one of us extraordinary.

Will you be supporting Jen’s argument, or taking Luc’s side? Come make your choice at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Krista Gray-Donald of Life In The Hutch

Life in the HutchKrista’s blog, Life in the Hutch is all about her – and just reading a post or two will show you that she’s one of the kindest, gentlest, most compassionate people on the net. Her blog is full of quiet reflections on what it means to be a parent in this day and age, and how to live your life to make a positive difference in this world.

Not that it’s preachy at all. Rather, Krista offers great tips on how to be charitable in your day to day life – little things you can do with your whole family, from being considerate to strangers to making cupcakes for charity to just talking to your kids about the myriad of different viewpoints and lifestyles in this world. She’s a friendly lady who is always open to new ideas and the viewpoints of others, and is generous with her time and her thoughts. She’s always the first to notice joy all around her, to stand beside a friend who is hurting, or to celebrate a success.

After spending a year in India with her young family, she has even more to share about change, learning to adapt, and embracing other cultures. And as a bonus, her blog is filled with her amazing photos – really beautiful shots that capture the delight of being a child, the wonder of the small everyday things, and the charm that lies just along the side of the road. She’ll soon have you seeing everything in a whole new light.

Krista is a true lady with some genuinely fresh perspectives to share. Come and hear what she has to say at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Karie Dufour of Pub Patio Playdate

Pub Patio PlaydateDowntown Ottawa is full of pubs and patios…and playdates? That describes Karie’s urban lifestyle to a tee. When her daughter was born a few years ago, she decided to resist the urge to move to the suburbs and stick it out in the core, and her blog, Pub Patio Playdate, talks openly about all the good, the bad, and the definitely unusual that living downtown can bring.

Turns out, there’s a ton of great stuff going on in centretown. Through Karie’s enthusiastic reviews, links, and lists, you’ll find tons of great ideas, places, and activities to lure you into braving the downtown parking situation. She’s constantly out and about with her daughter, be it to traditionally adult spaces like pubs or “nice” restaurants, to parks, museums, and markets. There’s no better place on the web to really get a feel for what it means to be right in the heart of Ottawa – it’ll make you proud to live here, and eager to get out there and explore all this great city has to offer.

There are challenges too, but Karie’s always up to facing them with an array of original and unique ideas. Living in a small space – a downtown requirement – has led to lots of great posts on how to make rooms do double duty, how to live with the toy crunch when you’re short on storage, and even how to manage street parking when the street is already maxed out. There’s not much in the way of a big lawn when you’re living urban, but you’d be surprised at the range of green spaces she’s been able to discover – and share with the world. It’s a treasure trove of lifestyle ideas that can work for any family, anywhere.

What secrets does this downtown parent have this year? Come and find out at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Brenda Labelle of Bjutie

BjutieBeauty is all around us, and Brenda of Bjutie has a really good eye for it. Sure, she loves pretty things like a great little red dress, glittery makeup, or a fabulous magazine spread. But she’s about much more than that – she’s always on the lookout for inner beauty, too.

For Brenda, beauty is about ideas. It’s about people, and the way they move, and the way they create. It’s about dance, and the amazing things a human body can do. It’s about women feeling good about themselves, inside and out, and about men and women learning to find the beauty in each other.

But it’s not all serious stuff over at her blog, either. There’s fun, froth, and frivolity inherent in Brenda’s lighthearted, cheeky approach to her (rather fabulous!) life. There’s plenty of pop culture analysis, great book reviews, and inspiring declarations that what makes us older also makes us sexier. It’s kind of like hanging at your best gal pal’s house for an afternoon – there’s light talk, fun talk, and serious talk too. You come away knowing you’ve really shared something with a good friend.

Brenda’s beauty is worth getting to know in person, too. Come say hello to her at Blog Out Loud 2014.

Come and Hear…Ross Brown of The Brown Knowser

The Brown KnowserRoss has found a home on the web with his blog The Brown Knowser. It’s a place for him to ponder life, both his own and what he observes around him. He’s interested in what makes people tick, and anecdotes from his past might share his thoughts on anything from his past travels around the globe, to current political events, to treasured family memories, to friendship and what it means to start, maintain, or even end a real human relationship.

Despite his many foreign adventures, Ross is an Ottawa boy through and through, and over the years his interest in photography has led to plenty of great local shots showing up on his blog. He’s always on the lookout for new perspectives, new views of familiar objects, and you’re sure to find a new way of thinking about this town from his ongoing “where in Ottawa?” contest, his lovely and fascinatingly filtered shots from his Ottawa photo walks, and his major project from last year where he took one photo a day on Bate Island. He invites us all to use our senses to find a new way of thinking about life.

Ross is also a busy author, currently working on his second novel. His first, Sonsaengnim: A Korea Diary, follows the tale of a man who leaves Ottawa to try to escape his past by teaching English in South Korea – a plot that echoes Ross’ own life experiences.

And here’s a poorly-kept secret: Ross is a bit of a beer aficionado. Buy him a drink (after he’s done reading!) at Blog Out Loud 2014.