Another Amazing Clip

Here’s another great clip for those of you who couldn’t be at Blog Out Loud this year (or those who just would like to relive it!) – Jenn Bennett’s reading, that resulted in BOLO’s first ever standing ovation.

A Little Taste Of BOLO

If you missed out on BOLO this year, you can catch a small taste of it by watching this video of Finola’s reading, the last one of the night. Even more hilarious the second time around – great job, Finola!

The Readers

Dani put together this amazing poster featuring all the readers from BOLO 2011 – except one, herself! I’m tracking down a Dani picture, but for now enjoy this lovely set – I’m thinking of having it framed for my wall.

Also, you can see great photos from the night on Sara’s Facebook Page, and on Ron’s blog.

(click to enlarge)
BOLO 2011

The Social Network

I’ve compiled a partial list of the bloggers who were able to be at Blog Out Loud last night. Please let me know if I’ve left you off this list, I would love to add anyone and everyone who was there. If I’ve made a mistake in your name or blog name, just let me know, I’d be happy to change it.

I’ve also made a Twitter List of attendees, again, please let me know if I omitted your tag. A lot of people missed the sign-in list and I want to include everyone!

Lastly, I’ve uploaded the fantastic photographer slide show that Dani made to YouTube where everyone can now view it. Enjoy!

Blog Out Loud 2011 Attendees:

Alicia Fagan of I Found My Feet
Allison of Bibliomama
Amanda Jetté (The Maven) of Stay-At-Home Mayhem
Annie of PhD in Parenting
Andrea Ross of We Can Rebuild Her
Barbara Dundas of Tales Of Life With A Girl On The Go
Brie McManus of Capital Mom
Carolyn Brown of Carolyn Brown
Chantal McEvoy of Two Hands Full
Claire of FoodiePrints
Colette of Colette2008
Coreen Tyers of One Day This Blog Will Have a Snazzy Nam
Dani Donders of Postcards from the Mothership
Don of FoodiePrints
Donna Mandeville of Kindred Crafters
FameThrowa of FameThrowa’s Wayward Ruminations
Finola Francis of Finola’s Blog
Grace of Mothermind
Jenn of FoodiePrints
Jenn Bennett of 1qtnewf
Jennifer Pennock of Martinis for Breakfast
Jes Lacasse of Your Sweet Bippy
Jesse Hildebrand of JBH Photography
Joanne Lauzon of JoeGirl
Julie Harrison of Coffee With Julie
Julie LeClair of Thoughts Of a Smothermother
Kaitlin Wainwright of Heartful Mouthful
Karen Raymond of Mean Old Mommy
Karen Reyburn of Virtually There
Karen Wilson of Karen’s Chronicles
Kerry Colpitts of Overcoming Gymnausea
Krista Gray-Donald of Life in the Hutch
Lana Stewart of Apron Strings
Lara Wellman of
Laura Kotick of The Mindful Merchant
Laurie Kingston of Not Just About Cancer
Lynn of Turtlehead
Mar Warrender of Miercoles
Maranda Carvell of Momicon
Nadine Thornhill of Adorkable Thespian
Nat Hanson of From Nat’s Brain
Pam Wainwright of Easily Amused
Pamela Stewart of Word on the Beach
Patti Murphy of Still Breathing
Pauline of Brightest Blue
Rebecca Stanisic of A Little Bit of Momsense
Ron Hay of MegaPixel Travel
Ross Brown of The Brown Knowser
Sara McConnell of My Points Of View
Sasha of Rambles and Ramblings
Scott Kobewka of
Shannon Berkls of A Crafty Mom
Susan Ovington of Little Miss Neat
Tamara Manning of Flavoured Echoes
Tanya Snook of Spydergrrl on the Web
Vicky B. of Some Kind Of Mom

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

It’s over. Now I can breathe again!

I hope you all had an amazing time at Blog Out Loud last night – I sure did. I can’t thank you all enough for coming out to this event – it would not be a success without this amazing Ottawa blogging community. You guys are incredible. Also, you scamps (aka the readers) who got together to get me an amazing thank-you gift – I love it! You’re amazing.

I just want to say a special thank you to Ross for taking on MC duties; Dani for doing all the work of putting together the photographer slide show (and her husband for providing tech support!); Pam, FameThrowa, Colette, and Kaitlin for working the door; an extra shout-out to FameThrowa for fielding many hysterical calls from me early in the planning and holding my hand through all crises; Sara and Jesse for photographing the event; Tanya for live-tweeting it and acting as my social media guru; Ron for the loan of the projector for the slide show (and some technical support last night to get it running!), and of course, all the readers and photographers who offered up a little piece of themselves to make this evening great.

Always the number one request I get after the event is for links to the posts that were read, so here they are in the order that they stepped up to the mic. Links to the photographer’s sites can be found here.

Allison of Bibliomama
I Have The Perfect Punishment for War Criminals

Tanya Snook of Spydergrrl on the Web
And Now For Something Different: My “Last” Post

Dani Donders of Postcards From the Mothership
Green. Yellow. Red.

Vicky B. of Some Kind of Mom
I’ve Been Here Before

Maranda Carvell of Momicon

Sara McConnell of My Points Of View
If Wishes Were Horses

Pamela Stewart of Word on the Beach
A Poem of Love and Welcome

Jenn Bennett of 1qtnewf
Top 10 Worst Moments Of Being The Old Me

Karen Wilson of Karen’s Chronicles
Ten Years

Rebecca Stanisic of A Little Bit Of Momsense
4 Years Ago Today

Annie of PhD in Parenting
Let’s Throw The Assumptions Out With The Bathwater

Amanda Jette of Stay-At-Home Mayhem
I Am The Greatest Mom Alive (now with busted up shoulder)

Scott Kobewka of
He Lied And Said He Was a Writer

Krista Gray-Donald of Life In The Hutch
Uninvited Guests

Nadine Thornhill of Adorkable Thespian
Size Small

Tamara Manning of Flavoured Echoes
Why Photography?

Grace of Mothermind
I’ve Forgotten What Quiet Sounds Like

Nat Hanson of From Nat’s Brain
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

Jes Lacasse of Your Sweet Bippy
Act Your Age… Or Don’t

Claire of FoodiePrints
Things That Scare Me: Champagne… well, corks…

Finola Francis of Finola’s Blog

Today’s The Day!

This is it! Blog Out Loud, edition number three, is on for this evening… I hope to see you all there.

I’ll be at The Prescott by 6 p.m. and you can wander on in any time after that. The readings will begin shortly after 7 p.m. Don’t be late, you won’t want to miss any of them…and you need time to get a drink first.

Any last minute questions you have might be answered in my details post…if not, comment here and I’ll answer.

See you tonight!

Introducing Our Emcee: Ross Brown of The Brown Knowser and The Brownfoot Journal

I’ll be taking a break from emcee duties this year, and I’m pleased to introduce Ross Brown, who will be taking over at the microphone for 2011. Ross has the blogging bug and he’s got it bad – he’s already on his fourth blog, and he’s started losing sleep so he can stay up to write. There’s his family blog, The Brownfoot Journal, his essay-writing blog The Brown Knowser, and two blogs that feature excerpts from his South Korea-set novel and its sequel.

Ross muses about all aspects of his life, including newly discovered technology, parenting challenges, explorations of what it means to be a writer, and Ottawa area politics. He’s also a great photographer, and his photos are vivid and clear, shining a bright light on the beauty that can be found all around Ottawa.

Ross has extensive experience with public speaking, having been a Toastmaster, a teacher, and an eager orator on many occasions. He’ll be guiding us all through Blog Out Loud 2011.

The Shutterbugs

Dani has been pulling together photos by some of the best photographers who blog – and bloggers who take photos – in Ottawa. You’ll be able to see some spectacular shots by the following great group of shutterbugs.

Juliette Giannesini of Correr Es Mi Destino is a citizen of the world. Originally from France, she now holds a Canadian passport that is well worn as she explores the world. Her photos showcase both her new hometown and her exotic travels, and thus bring a worldliness to our own little corner of the globe. She’s interested in places, but also the people that inhabit those places, and her shots of Ottawans are revealing, fascinating, and above all, lovely. Shell have you thinking about Ottawa and its place in the world, and she’ll have you appreciating the spirit and sparkle of our own country, and many others.

Lydia Bociurkiw of Ottawa Girl believes in fate. She sometimes sets up gorgeous staged shots, but she’s just as likely to spot a passing moment in time and freeze it with her camera. She’s always on the lookout for beauty in this city, and almost every day she posts a photo that will have you amazed at just how stunning Ottawa can be. Her pictures are art, no doubt about it, and they will give you a new appreciation for the world just outside your doorstep.

Julie LeClair of Thoughts of a Smother Mother is a secret treasure. Her blog is open, friendly, and chatty, sharing all aspects of her life as she tries to balance work and motherhood. Photography often takes a backseat to words, but when she does post photos – it’s a revelation. Her pictures are bright, colourful, fascinating. They capture the beauty of everyday items as well as the glowing, smiling faces of children. She has a real eye for a good shot and a lot of raw talent. Here’s hoping she uses BOLO as a launch pad to explore more photography on her blog.

Amy Bundy of Muddy Boots sees hope, cheer, and love wherever she looks. Her photos have a warm glow about them that lets you see what she sees – beautiful faces of children and familes, shining with joy. She’s somehow able to find the special bond that ties every family, and then make that visible to the world. Amy’s husband, Peter, is currently posted to Columbia and we’ve missed Amy’s optimism and openness here in the Ottawa scene, but happily, the family is returning to town this summer. Although she has a new baby girl to care for – in addition to three boys – if you’re lucky you might be able to book a family photo session with Amy.

Don Chow and Jenn Lim of FoodiePrints are an Ottawa institution. They can be found at every major event, festival, and celebration in Ottawa, rejoicing in what makes this city so great. Their love of the local is only slightly exceeded by their love of food, and FoodiePrints traces their ongoing quest to find fine dining, be it at a five star restaurant or the diner down the street. Articles on their blog are like magazine spreads, always full of gorgeous shots of delicious food. This year Don, Jenn, and their partner in food Claire have taken on their own 365 Project, posting photos on a daily basis of mouthwatering dishes that will have you wondering why you’re still sitting at home with some mac and cheese. Get out there, and get eating!

Jesse Hildebrand of JB Hildebrand Photography has a sharpness to his work that completely freezes a moment in time. His shots of concerts, events, and people on the street are deep, detailed, and vivid. He has a way of capturing not just the moment itself, but the mood, the feeling of actually being there. His images contain an endless amount of detail and put a modern, edgy spin on faces, landscapes, and street scenes.

Angela Auclair of From the Dock knows summer. Her photos are filled with the kind of hazy, nostalgic glow of the summers of your youth. She has a way of capturing the exact feeling of sitting in an Adirondack chair out the front of your cottage, warm coffee in hand as you watch the sunrise over the water. Her shots of her family, her home, and her lakefront have a distinctive lightness to them, a sparkle of timelessness that is 100% Angela. Each of her photos is an instant memory.

As well, several of our readers will be showcasing their photos, including Dani Donders of Postcards from the Mothership, Sara McConnell of My Points of View, Krista Gray-Donald of Life in the Hutch, Nat of From Nat’s Brain, and Tamara Manning of Flavoured Echoes.

The Details

Blog Out Loud is fast approaching and it’s time to share some details about the event. Here’s some important stuff you need to know if you’re planning on joining us.

We’ll be at The Prescott, which is at the corner of Preston and Beech. There’s street parking along Beech and other side streets off of Preston, and a pay lot on Beech as well.

Once inside The Prescott, we’ll be downstairs in a private room that they use for comedy club nights. The maximum capacity of this room is 110 people. I don’t think we are in any danger of hitting that limit, but we will be passing out tickets to everyone who enters just so we can keep track of numbers. Be sure to take a ticket as you enter. If you’re arriving early for dinner and want to eat in the upstairs dining room, please pop down and grab a ticket before you eat, just to make sure you can get in.

There will be full food service in the downstairs room and our own private bar (WHOO HOO). So you’ll be able to order food and drink during the event. Food and drink service in the downstairs room will begin around 6 p.m.

Be sure to sign in when you arrive if you’d like to be listed on the website as an attendee, and contacted next year with details on the 2012 event.

Photographers – it’s dark down there with little natural light. Bring your best flash.

Lastly, there’s no wifi at The Prescott, and in the downstairs room I’m not sure if we will be getting any wireless reception. I’m really sorry – I know this is kind of crappy for an event like this – but I’m not sure tweeting during the event will be possible. Just a warning to those who are/were planning to be online – we’ll just all have to blog about it afterwards. Getting wifi will be a priority for next year.

Oh, one more thing – some of the posts that will be read involve swearing and/or adult content. Just a word of warning to those with sensitive ears.

Excited yet?

Come and Hear…Pamela Stewart of Word On The Beach

Pamela’s life has seen some big, big changes this year – times two. She gave birth to twin girls early this year, and like most new parents, she’s rocketing up the learning curve – but at twice the usual rate. Unlike most new parents, however, Pamela had to deal with some scary moments after the birth of her girls – one was born with a congenital hernia, which meant that most of her internal organs were pushed up high in her chest cavity. The hernia required surgery just a few days after the baby was born, and a month in the CHEO NICU.

That left Pamela trying to bond with two baby girls – one at home, one in the hospital, trying to deal with the stress of a sick child, trying to get breastfeeding going, and trying to figure out how she and her husband would manage this new explosion of family, all while dealing with the usual post-partum hormones. She made it through with strength and an incredible amount of optimism, and happily, both girls are now home, healthy, and growing well.

Now Pamela has new challenges – returning to work while continuing to mother twins, spreading the word about CPH, her daughter’s birth condition, and trying to squeeze in a little time for herself as she struggles to get healthy and return to her pre-pregnancy weight. It’s a life that she embraces, however; she’s been through a lot and it only gets better from here.

Come and hear Pamela’s sunny take on life in person at Blog Out Loud.